Here’s the full list of high street stores closing in 2024 (2024)

Here’s the full list of high street stores closing in 2024 (1)

Last year was a bit of a whirlwind for high street closures – here’s what we know about the shops leaving us in 2024.

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Amy Houghton


Putting things plainly, it’s a bleak time for Britain’s high streets. Stores have been shutting up shop left, right and centre over the past few years. And now it appears that even more are joining Debenhams, Woolworths and Topshop in the graveyard of high street retailers.

It’s not all terrible news, though. Some companies are simply closing a bunch of their stores so that they can prioritise expansion elsewhere.We’ve got all the information onhow your local high street is expected to change over the next twelve months.

The full list of Boots stores closing in 2024

In 2023 it was announced that300 Boots storeswould disappear by the end of the year. Now, in hopes to ‘consolidate the business’, the pharmacy chain has announced another string of closures in 2024.

It has been confirmed that these Boots stores will shut in 2024.

  • Cliftonville, Kent (Jan 20)
  • Pemberton, Wigan (Jan 26)
  • Hough Lane, Layland, Lancashire(Jan)
  • Rhos on Sea (Mar)
  • Colwyn Bay (Apr)
  • Caerleon Road, Newport (no specified date)
  • Chepstow Road, Newport (no specified date)
  • Carlyon Road, St Austell, Cornwall (no specified date)
  • St Blazey, Cornwall(no specified date)
  • Front Street, Prudhoe (no specified date)
  • Lurgan (no specified date)
  • Chard Road, Plymouth (no specified date)
  • Mannamead Road, Plymouth (no specified date)
  • Claremont Street, Plymouth (no specified date)
  • Portland Walk, Barrow (no specified date)
    Gestridge Road, Teignbridge (no specified date)

Find out more about all the Boots store closures in the UK here.

The full list of Wetherspoons closing in 2024

This pub stalwart announced that it is putting dozens of its sites up for sale. Most of the closures are pubs that have other Wetherspoons nearby. Some are on sale, some are 'under offer' and 41 others officially closed for good in 2023. These are the Spoons still up for sale:

  • The Pontlottyn, Abertillery
  • The Ivor Davies, Cardiff
  • Spa Lane Vaults, Chesterfield
  • The Gate House, Doncaster
  • The Market Cross, Holywell
  • The Regent, Kirkby in Ashfield
  • The Mockbeggar Hall, Moreton
  • The Hain Line, St Ives
  • The Sir Norman Rae, Shipley
  • The Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon
  • The White Hart, Todmorden
  • Lord Arthur Lee, Fareham
  • The Plough and Harrow, London
  • Resolution, Middlesbrough
  • Sennockian, Sevenoaks

According to CBRE group and Savills, which are covering the sale, these are the ‘Spoons ‘under offer’:

  • Asparagus - Battersea
  • The Saltoun Inn - Fraserburgh
  • The Percy Shaw - Halifax
  • The Alfred Herring - Palmers Green
  • Wrong ‘Un - Bexleyheath

And these are the sites that have officially shut up shop:

  • The John Masefield, New Ferry
  • Angel, Islington
  • The Silkstone Inn, Barnsley
  • The Billiard Hall,West Bromwich
  • Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis,Southampton
  • The Colombia Press,Watford
  • The Malthouse, Willenhall
  • The John Masefield, New Ferry
  • Thomas Leaper,Derby
  • Cliftonville, Hove
  • Tollgate, Harringay
  • Last Post, Loughton
  • Harvest Moon, Orpington
  • Alexander Bain, Wick
  • Chapel an Gansblydhen, Bodmin
  • Moon on the Square, Basildon
  • Coal Orchard, Taunton
  • Running Horse, AirsideDoncasterAirport
  • Wild Rose, Bootle
  • Edmund Halley, Lee Green
  • The Willow Grove, Southport
  • Postal Order,Worcester
  • North and South Wales Bank,Wrexham
  • The Sir John Stirling Maxwell,Glasgow
  • The Knight's Templar, London
  • Christopher Creeke,Bournemouth
  • The Water House,Durham
  • The Widow Frost, Mansfield
  • The Worlds Inn, Romford
  • Hudson Bay, Forest Gate
  • The Saltoun Inn, Fraserburgh
  • The Bankers Draft, Eltham, London
  • The Sir John Arderne, Newark
  • The Capitol, Forest Hill
  • Moon and Bell, Loughborough
  • Nightjar, Ferndown
  • General Sir Redvers Buller, Crediton
  • The Rising Sun, Redditch
  • The Butler's Bell, Stafford
  • Millers Well, East Ham
  • The Coronet, London

Find out more about all the Wetherspoons closures in the UK here.

The full list of Costa Coffeecafes closing in 2024

Costa said farwell to a bunch of its coffee shops in 2023 and there are a few more due to follow. It's not all bad news for the chain, though. In 2023 it opened up a brand new drive-thru siteat Lowestoft’s North Quay retail park. Here are the outletsset to disappear this year.

  • Chiswick High Road, London (by Feb 6)
  • Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh (Feb 14)

Find out more about all theCosta Coffeeclosures in the UK here.

The full list of Clintons stores closing in 2024

Clinton Cards (aka Clintons) is taking measures to avoid going into insolvency. A fifth of the retailer’s stores are set to be affected – that’s 38 out of 179 branches. Sites inin Kirkcaldy shopping centre, Whitehaven, Cumbria and Bolton's Market Streetall shut down last year. We don't know many of the other shops due to bite the dust, but Clinton'sHaverhill branch in Suffolk is set to close on January 24.

Find out more about all the Clintons store closures in the UK here.

The full list of Argos stores closing in 2024

Argos plans to close 100 UK sites in 2023 and 2024 as it focuses on expanding its presence in supermarkets instead of the high street. Over the last 12 months it has closed 45shops but opened up 25 inside Sainbury's stores. We haven't got a full list of the branches due to close this year but here are the ones we do know.

  • Overgate, Dundee (March)
  • Kingstown, Carlisle (March)

Find out more about the Argos closures here.

Which high street stores closed in 2023?


How could we forget the Wilko saga of 2023? All 400 of its branches closed for good after it went into administration and for a hot minute, we all believed that it woud never be coming back. But in a welcomed twist of fate, it was bought by The Range, which plans on opening 300 new Wilko stores. So keep an eye out!

Find out more about the Wilkos closures hereand the Wilko openings here.


Icelandclosed a bunch of its UK stores last year, including branches in Rhyl, Bristol, Harrow, Swansea, Newport and Portsmouth.

Find out more about all theIceland store closures in the UK here.

Marks and Spencers

In an effort to save £300 million, M&S announced in 2023 that they would be closing 67 of its stores and relocating ten.

The affected branches includedits Meadowbank Retail Park branch in Edinburgh, London’s Fenchurch Street site and stores in Castleford and Middleborough.Among the stores that relocated were those in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Thurrock.


The Works

Stationery, books and arts/crafts supplies shop The Works is closed and relocated storeslast year. They includedParkway Shopping Centre in Coulby Newham, Baytree Garden Centre in Weston and the Hitchin store, whilst one moved to the Mander Shopping Centre in Wolverhampton.

Find out more about all the The Works store closures in the UK here.

Did you see that the UK’s ‘strictest pub’ is closing?

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Here’s the full list of high street stores closing in 2024 (2024)
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