Here’s the full list of Boots store closures so far as even more are announced (2024)

Here’s the full list of Boots store closures so far as even more are announced (1)

The beauty and pharmacy chain is closing hundreds of its UK stores

Here’s the full list of Boots store closures so far as even more are announced (2)

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Fans of sticking grubby hands in make-up testers, we’ve got sad news indeed. Beloved health and beauty chain Boots is shutting a huge number of its shops. In a move to ‘consolidate the business’, the retailer plansto reduce its total number of shops inthe UKfrom 2,200 to 1,900.

In other words, a whopping total of 300Boots will eventually be axed.We already saw a wave of closures in 2023 and even more have been confirmed for 2024. Five Boots stores have been slated for closure this month alone.

Afterlast year’s mass closures from Next,Wilko, Iceland,Clintonsand M&S, thisisyet another example of a massive, beloved UK chain struggling to keep its high-street presence going. In a little slither of good news, though, ithas agreed torethinkit's decision to close one branch in Barrow, Cumbria. The area’s MP urged Boots to reconsider its closure ofits Portland Walk store as the street has recently been given huge investment (from the Levelling UpFund) andis set to undergo a big makeover.

Still, for most branches, their fate as been sealed. Here is everything you need to know about which Bootsstores are closing and when.

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Which Boots stores have been confirmed for closing?

It has been confirmed that these Boots stores will shut in 2024.

  • Staple Hill, Bristol (Jan 27)
  • Littlehampton (Jan 29)
  • Hough Lane, Leyland (Jan)
  • Clifton, York (Feb 17)
  • Landford Road, Liverpool (Feb)
  • East Parade, Heworth (Mar 9)
  • Rhos on Sea (Mar)
  • Anglia Square, Norfolk (Mar)
  • North Kenton, Newcastle (Mar)
  • Pool, Redruth (Mar)
  • Colwyn Bay (Apr 6)
  • Caerleon Road, Newport (no specified date)
  • Chepstow Road, Newport (no specified date)
  • Carlyon Road, St Austell, Cornwall (no specified date)
  • St Blazey, Cornwall (no specified date)
  • Front Street, Prudhoe (no specified date)
  • Lurgan (no specified date)
  • Chard Road, Plymouth (no specified date)
  • Mannamead Road, Plymouth (no specified date)
  • Claremont Street, Plymouth (no specified date)
  • Gestridge Road, Teignbridge (no specified date)
  • Portland Walk, Barrow (no specified date)

Which stores have already closed

Several Boots stores have already closed in 2023 and so far in 2024. They are:

  • Salford Shopping Centre, Greater Manchester (Feb 2023)
  • Church Street, Malvern (Mar 2023)
  • The Port Arcades Shopping Centre, Ellesmere (Mar 2023)
  • King William Street, London Jun 2023)
  • Heathside Road, Woking (Jul 2023)
  • UEA campus (Jul 2023)
  • Hamlet Court Road, Westcliff (Aug 2023)
  • Holywell, Flintshire (Aug 2023)
  • Windhill Road, Wakefield (Oct 2023)
  • Upper Warrengate, Wakefield(Oct 2023)
  • Glastonbury (Oct 2023)
  • Uppingham Road, Leicester (Oct 2023)
  • Guildford Road, Woking (Oct 2023)
  • Kings Square, York (Oct 2023)
  • Warminster (Oct 2023)
  • Gorleston, Great Yarmouth (Nov 2023)
  • High Row, Darlington (Nov 2023)
  • Mudge Way, Plymouth (Nov 2023)
  • Mount Pleasant, Exeter (Nov 2023)
  • Kirkby Ashfield (Nov 2023)
  • Cliftonville, Kent (Jan 2024)
  • Pemberton, Wigan (Jan 2024)

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    Here’s the full list of Boots store closures so far as even more are announced (2024)
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