What order should makeup go on? (2024)

What order should makeup go on?

Bauer agrees with Soni and Vakil. “I usually prefer doing the eye makeup first, followed by the foundation and then moving to the lip,” he says. “When doing eye makeup, especially smoky eyes or very graphic eye makeup, small particles can drop and fall onto the skin.

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What is the correct order to put makeup on?

Here's Charlotte's step-by-step guide to applying each makeup product in the correct order for a MESMERISING beauty look for every occasion.
  1. STEP 1: PRIMER. ...
  3. STEP 3: FOUNDATION. ...
  4. STEP 4: CONCEALER. ...
  5. STEP 5: POWDER. ...
  8. STEP 8: BROWS.
Mar 13, 2023

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Do you put eyeliner on before or after foundation?

Bauer agrees with Soni and Vakil. “I usually prefer doing the eye makeup first, followed by the foundation and then moving to the lip,” he says. “When doing eye makeup, especially smoky eyes or very graphic eye makeup, small particles can drop and fall onto the skin.

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Should you do eyes or face first?

The general consensus (logically speaking) is that eye makeup should go first before face makeup for many reasons. If doing your makeup with a raw complexion doesn't throw you off too much, it's what most experts recommend for overall better application and brow health.

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What are the 5 steps of makeup?

  1. F-I-V-E.
  2. STEP 1 – FOUNDATION | Evens out your skin tone.
  3. STEP 2 – BLUSH | Gives your face depth and dimension.
  4. STEP 3 – EYEBROWS | Defines and frames your face.
  5. STEP 4 – MASCARA | Accentuates the eyes and your femininity.
  6. STEP 5 – LIP | Brings your look home!

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How to do the makeup step by step?

  1. Remove any old makeup. When you're applying makeup, it is necessary to start with a clean palette. ...
  2. Wash your face, then follow with moisturizer. ...
  3. Prime your face. ...
  4. Put on a coat of foundation. ...
  5. Apply some concealer. ...
  6. Set your foundation and concealer. ...
  7. Apply a highlighter. ...
  8. Add depth with contouring.

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Where does concealer go?

Where to Apply Concealer
  • Above & Below the Brow. Blend a thin line of concealer on top of and underneath the brows to make eyebrows pop and open up the eyes. ...
  • The Inner Corners and Under the Eyes. ...
  • Across the Bridge and Down the Center of the Nose. ...
  • Around the Mouth. ...
  • Center of the Chin. ...
  • Around Each Nostril.

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Are you supposed to put foundation on your eyelids?

Never put concealer or foundation on your eyelids as a base, it will cause your eye makeup to crease.

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When applying makeup what goes on first?

  1. Step 1: Moisturizer. Before you begin applying your makeup, take the time to prep your skin with a high-quality moisturizer. ...
  2. Step 2: Primer. ...
  3. Step 3: Liquid Foundation. ...
  4. Step 4: Concealer. ...
  5. Step 5: Foundation Powder. ...
  6. Step 6: Bronzer. ...
  7. Step 7: Blush. ...
  8. Step 8: Highlighter.

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Should you put foundation under eyes?

To avoid drawing unwanted attention to the area, many makeup artists would recommend not applying too much, if any, foundation around the eye. Instead, they suggest using a hydrating, lightweight concealer that has been designed specifically for the under eye area.

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Should you put foundation on your lips?

Whether your lips are thin or full, starting with a layer of foundation on the lips will enhance every makeup product, for longer-lasting, cleaner-looking lipstick colour.

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Are you supposed to put foundation on your neck?

Once you've got that new foundation at home, don't apply it just to the face. Blend your makeup, preferably with a blending sponge, all the way down, over and beneath the jawbone, to the neck. This creates a seamless look. Who knows where your foundation begins and ends?

What order should makeup go on? (2024)
What should I put on my eyes before makeup?

An eye primer product goes on before your shadow and liner to help them look smoother and last longer. Basically, you use eyeshadow primer to create the perfect foundation for the rest of your eye makeup look.

What is the hardest step in makeup?

If you are doing a winged eyeliner, then that's definitely the most difficult and takes the most practice. Plus, there is the whole added challenge of having to make both eyes look even… How would you learn makeup?

How to do a simple makeup for beginners?

Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners
  1. Prep your skin with a CTM routine.
  2. Use a primer.
  3. Apply a foundation.
  4. Conceal problem areas with a concealer.
  5. Sweep on some blush.
  6. Time for some eyeshadow.
  7. Eye liner, kajal and mascara.
  8. Wear your favourite shade of lipstick. Before you wear lipstick, it is important to wear a lip liner.
Oct 24, 2022

How to do no makeup look step by step?

8 Tips To Create The Perfect No-Makeup Makeup Look
  1. Prep your skin. To nail a no-makeup makeup look, you need to have a strong skincare routine. ...
  2. Ditch the foundation. ...
  3. Conceal correctly. ...
  4. Add some colour to your cheeks. ...
  5. Illuminate your face. ...
  6. Go easy on the eyes. ...
  8. Mist away.

How to do a natural makeup look for beginners?

Here's how to get a natural makeup look in nine simple steps.
  1. Prime for Your Skin Type. ...
  2. Reach for a Light-Coverage Base. ...
  3. Conceal In the Areas That Need More Coverage. ...
  4. Swipe on Some Bronzer. ...
  5. Add Cream Blush and Highlighter. ...
  6. Apply Mascara and Neutral Eye Makeup. ...
  7. Fill In Your Brows. ...
  8. Add a Hydrating Lippie.
Apr 14, 2023

Do you put concealer all over your face?

Can you use concealer as foundation? Not quite, but you can use it as a lightweight, tinted moisturizer. Since concealers have a higher coverage and a different formulation than foundations, applying a concealer all over your face might make your face makeup look cakey and patchy.

What not to do with concealer?


As a general rule, apply concealer just before your eye makeup (eye shadow, mascara, etc.) and once your liquid foundation or BB cream has been well absorbed by your skin. Because concealer requires targeted applications, diluting it with your foundation will reduce its power.

Do you put concealer all over?

While you don't want to apply concealer all over your face you can use it in place of foundation, but only in small quantities. It might seem logical that the more concealer makeup you apply, the more you're able to cover up imperfections, but that's not the reality of how concealer works.

What is makeup on eyelids called?

Eye shadow (or eyeshadow) is a cosmetic applied primarily to the eyelids to attract attention to the wearer's eyes, making them stand out or look more attractive. Eye shadow can also be applied under the eyes, on the cheeks, or to brow bones.

Is it better to have a lighter or darker foundation?

When In Doubt, Always Go Lighter and Use Bronzer. If you're stuck between the lighter and the darker shade, it's much easier to create a darker-looking complexion with the help of bronzer than it is to lighten up a darker hue. Bronzer offers definition and dimension to a lighter foundation.

Do you apply eyeshadow first?

Unless that's the makeup look you're going for, you'll likely want to use eye shadows first, then apply your eyeliner on top of the shadow. That way, both can remain sharp and crisp—no muddled makeup here. Keep reading for more on the best way to apply eye shadow and eyeliner.

Where do you put highlighter?

DO use highlighter in spots that catch light, and enhance your natural features: on cheekbones and temples, down the bridge of your nose, under brows, the inner corners of eyes, and above the cupid's bow. DO keep your other makeup like foundation, blush and bronzer softly matte and shimmer free.

Should you wear eyeliner under your eyes?

If you like the way eyeliner looks on your waterline, you can still do it so long as you stick with the right liner. "There really isn't an under-eye area you should avoid when lining the lower lash line," says Duyos.

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