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Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Look what’s inside...My friend Mel and I walk our dogs together in the mornings before work, and this week, wrapped in puffer jackets and woolly gloves, we dramatically declared that winter is well and truly upon us. In the northern hemisphere though, the celebs are out to play! From jetting around on yachts in St Tropez to taking in the sights of Venice, the rich and famous have flocked to Europe for some summer sun, and while we’re jealous, we are absolutely loving their action-packed holiday snaps. Turn to page 16 to see our favourites. Meanwhile, if you, like much of the office here at Woman’s Day, are fighting off a winter flu, we’ve rounded up some delicious feel-good recipes (p68) to help you recover – fast! Erin Holohan Editorial Director See…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Wills’ fun dad Summer!The adorable footage of Prince William “chest shimmying” to Shake It Off at Taylor Swift’s Wembley Stadium concert in London almost broke the internet last week! The heir to the throne was in full “fun dad” mode as he celebrated his 42nd birthday and made Prince George, 10, and nine-year-old Princess Charlotte’s dreams come true by taking them to the music gig. The lucky youngsters even snuck backstage to meet the American performer, the glee on their faces evident for all to see as they posed for a celebratory selfie. SUMMER OF FUN Insiders say it’s all part of Prince William’s plan to give his and the Princess of Wales’ children a “summer to remember”. “Wills is in full memory-making mode and is pulling out all the stops to make…2 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Amanda Comes Clean On Feud!Amanda Keller claims she and Taskmaster Australia star Tom Gleeson, 50, have “made our peace” after the pair faced-off against one another in the running for the Gold Logie in 2019, which Tom eventually took home. “It became Tom versus me, and it didn’t feel fun,” says the 62-year-old radio host. “I don’t feel ripped off in any way that I didn’t win, but I feel ripped off that I couldn’t enjoy the experience because every interview I did they said, “Oh, Tom is coming for you,” and I thought, I’m going to be the butt of a joke that I’m not part of here… I wish I’d been able to enjoy the experience more.” In 2018, when the then-Living Room host had also been nominated, Tom oversaw the campaign…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Brange Twins Take SidesVivienne and Knox are just days away from their sweet 16th birthday, but the twins’ plans to celebrate could be tainted by their parents’ ongoing divorce war. While Viv has sided with Angelina Jolie and dropped dad Brad Pitt’s surname, her brother Knox still has a friendly relationship with their famous father. And insiders predict their differing opinions could lead to tension and awkwardness at Brad’s planned birthday lunch for the pair. “Knox will be doing his best to keep things peaceful between Viv and Brad,” a source says of the divided family. “He just wants everyone to get along. He doesn’t ‘hate’ anyone, but he agrees with Viv that their dad’s behaviour was unacceptable.” Although their four siblings have publicly sided with Ange, the source says of Knox, “He…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Pierce’s Missing Son Found!Pierce Brosnan is facing fresh heartache over the adopted son he became estranged from nearly two decades ago, after Christopher was seen on a rare outing in London. “Pierce was sad to see Christopher,” a source says of the filmmaker, with Pierce admitting in 2005 that he had to cut his son off due to his drug addictions. “It wasn’t an easy thing to do but Pierce felt he had no choice all those years ago.” Pierce adopted Chris and his late sister, Charlotte, in 1986, and their mother, Pierce’s first wife Cassandra Harris, died in 1991. “It was devastating that Christopher was unable to get through that before he succumbed to addiction,” the source says. “Pierce wants desperately for Christopher to be well, and prays one day they’ll have…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024A Life In PicturesDONALD SUTHERLAND 1935 – 2024 A life well lived,” is how Donald Sutherland’s actor son Kiefer, 57, described his famous father’s legacy when announcing the star’s death on June 20 after a long illness. Over an acting career – which spanned more than 50 years and over 200 TV programs and films – Donald cemented himself as one of the greats, taking home Golden Globes, an Emmy and an honorary Oscar in 2017. “Donald Sutherland’s work is movie magic at its best,” his Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence declared when she presented him with the award. Former girlfriend Jane Fonda, 86, who he dated from 1970 to 1972 recalls “a complex man who shared quite a few adventures with me” like the anti-Vietnam war shows the pair held outside army…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024‘It’s Been One Heck Of A Crazy Ride!’Much-loved entertainer Simon Gallaher beams the famous smile that won him countless fans as he recalls “freezing in fear” during his first live TV appearance when that red light atop the camera flashed on. “I was 15 and had just landed my own weekday afternoon kids show, Simon’s Scene, on Brisbane’s Channel Seven, which was a mix of cartoons and competitions fitted between shows like The Munsters. “That first day, when the original hostess Georgia Campbell introduced me, I was so nervous I froze. But you pull yourself together. I relaxed and the next two hours flew by. “I had a ball. That was 50 years ago when the fuse was lit for a showbiz career,” smiles Simon, 65, in our exclusive interview at his mountaintop Gold Coast estate with…3 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Democracy Manifest Man Is Back!More than three decades after his dramatic arrest outside Brisbane’s China Sea Restaurant, the man who became Australia’s most famous meme is out of hiding. Jack Karlson became a viral sensation when a clip of his 1991 arrest and his over-the-top reaction caught the public’s imagination. SUCCULENT MEAL “Gentlemen, this is democracy manifest!” he declared while being wrestled into a police car, adding, “Why did you do this to me? For what reason? What is the charge? Eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal?” Police thought Mr Democracy Manifest, as Jack has since become known, was paying for lunches with stolen credit cards, a charge he maintained last week was a “case of mistaken identity.” “I was released, I wasn’t the person they thought I was,” he told ABC News…4 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024The animal whispererPoppy’s happy spirit shines on AMANDA SAYS Poppy shows me she passed very suddenly in Jillian’s arms after she was accidentally run over in her driveway. Poppy was only about seven when she passed. Poppy shows me that Jillian got her as a puppy, and that she had an outfit for every occasion – that was her identity. Her nan, Jillian’s mum, would knit her lots of jumpers and people loved her and always commented on how gorgeous she was. Poppy shows me that she is with a lovely man who is like a dad figure to Jillian. Poppy is also with her best doggy friend, Peep, who passed over only a few weeks after she did. The two of them were always inseparable. CALL AMANDA DE WARREN! Visit amanda…2 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Throw the perfect ’80s Dinner PartyThe ’80s were a decade of high glamour (and even higher hair), so if you want to throw the ultimate statement party, it might be time to look to the era that gave us Madonna, Whitney Houston and Kylie Minogue. While ’80s fashion makes a comeback every few years, this era has a lot more to offer than that – including some pretty amazing co*cktails and deliciously kitsch party food. If you’re planning on dressing up, the ’80s are also fairly easy to replicate, and many foods that we ate back then are still available today. So, grab your best mega-hold hairspray, spritz on some Lou Lou by Cacharel and take a step back to the decade of Dynasty! FOR STARTERS This entertaining era took appetisers to new levels, with…2 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Refresher CourseSAVE YOUR SCALP Did you know that maintaining a healthy scalp could be the key to a luscious head of hair? “Your scalp is where your hair follicles are housed and [these follicles] contain the DNA for your hair,” explains trichologist, Chelcey Salinger. “Looking after this area (and reducing inflammation and damage to it) will therefore help hair growth.” Chelcey suggests washing your hair frequently and using quality haircare, “that is the correct pH (around 5.5) and contains antioxidants” to help maintain a healthy scalp. SPF ALWAYS! An essential step in any skincare routine to help protect and prevent premature ageing, SPF should be applied every day (yes, even when it’s cloudy outside!). “SPF is an important step for maintaining healthy skin,” advises Jordan Allomes, skincare education lead at Mecca.…2 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Top-Shelf TvTroppo FRIDAY, 8.20 PM, ABC Inspired by Candice Fox’s bestselling novel Redemption Point and filmed in Australia, this fast-paced tropical crime noir is hitting our screens for a second season. Disgraced ex-cop, Ted Conkaffey (Thomas Jane) and his private investigator, trusty sidekick Amanda (Nicole Chamoun) are investigating a local murder case after a figure is spotted shoving a burning body over a cliff. Meanwhile, Ted’s family life gets even messier when police turn up to his daughter’s birthday with a warrant to search the house with the belief that he’s guilty of assault. Expect plenty of drama to ensue... Doco series Moulin Rouge: Yes We Can-Can! WEDNESDAY, 7.30 PM, SBS In celebration of the world’s most famous cabaret, this documentary takes you inside the Moulin Rouge – the epitome of…3 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024SnapshotGoing for gold! Talk about some fine competition! Up for the big TV WEEK Gold Logie are Larry Emdur, Tony Armstrong, Andy Lee, Robert Irwin, Sonia Kruger and Julia Morris. Actress Asher Keddie is also nominated, but didn’t get in the selfie! ‘OK, say Logie pleaseeee’ Trailer park girl! As stylish Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker never puts a fashionable foot wrong. She even looks glam coming out of her trailer! Premiere position! Kevin Bacon took three plus-ones to the LA premiere of his new film, MaXXXine – wife Kyra Sedgwick, daughter Sosie and son Travis. It’s all white! Actress Lupita Nyong’o struck a fun pose as she arrived at the Empire State Building in New York to promote A Quiet Place: Day One. Friday fun The sequel to Freaky…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Zara Rushes To Mum Anne’s Hospital BedZara Tindall was desperate to be reunited with her mother Princess Anne after a shocking horse-related incident saw the Princess Royal hospitalised last week. Despite Anne’s husband Sir Timothy Laurence’s assurances that she is “recovering well”, Anne, 73, has been forced to postpone her engagements for the week ahead. “This is exactly what Zara’s been worried about happening for years now, but her mum hasn’t had a chance to slow down with everyone else falling apart. It’s really shaken Zara to the core and she’s desperately hoping this memory issue is temporary,” a royal source tells. “This has been a huge wake-up call for everyone in the family and they’re rightfully distressed.” It’s understood the princess sustained minor injuries and concussion following an incident at her home on the Gatcombe…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Bidding War Over Sam!TV insiders reveal that while it was a nobrainer for Seven to re-sign lovable funnyman Sam Pang as the host of this year’s Logies, there’s growing tension behind the scenes between Seven and Ten. While Sam’s hosting gig helps Ten boost its flagship series Have You Been Paying Attention?, the 50-year-old’s schedule is filling up with obligations for rival Seven, which will likely see him have to pull out of filming for the quiz show on occasion. Adding to the tension, an insider says, Seven is keen to make him a full-time part of its TV family and may work toward poaching him, like it did with Dr Chris Brown.…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Lovestruck Suri Dating MusicianThey call it puppy love! She’s just graduated high school, and now Suri Cruise is enjoying another milestone – her first love! The 18-year-old looked head over heels for her musician boyfriend Toby Cohen as the pair stopped and kissed during a romantic stroll around New York’s Central Park. Just days earlier, the young couple looked equally loved-up as they attended the prom at LaGuardia High School. “Suri is completely smitten,” an insider reveals, adding that Suri’s actress mum Katie Holmes has met and approved of the young man. “Katie thinks Toby is adorable, but she’s hoping it’s nothing too serious. And she’s a bit worried about how he’s going to distract from Suri’s studies.” The insider adds that protective Katie is banking on their romance being just a harmless…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Sally’s Back To Save The Bay!More than 16 years after she left Home And Away, Kate Ritchie has given her biggest indication yet that she’s finally heading back to Summer Bay to play the much-loved Sally Fletcher again. And with the long-running soap coming under fire from fans and being majorly snubbed from the Logies for the first time in decades, Kate’s return could be the perfect way to save the Bay! The actress-turned-radio-star, 45, had a mini reunion with some of her former castmates at Ray Meagher’s 80th birthday party recently, and Kate’s nosy radio co-host Wippa later grilled her on the catch-up – and her plans to make a comeback to the show that made her famous. “I know you’re going back to the Bay,” Wippa told a coy Kate on air. “I’ve…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Is It All Over For Kevin?Kevin Costner has pumped $57 million of his own money into his epic two-part western film Horizon: An American Saga, a passion project that could leave him hurting financially if it flops at the box office. Now, his plan to return for the final season of hit show Yellowstone has been quashed, as a TV insider claims, “no one really wanted him back” after he initially left in 2023 over scheduling conflicts with Horizon. “After that, Yellowstone bosses have a loyalty issue with him,” the source reveals of Kevin, 69. “Going back was not on his agenda and he only did so for financial reasons, so to have them turn him down [now] would have been a monumental blow.”…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Secret Lives Of Judges!Andy Allen What’s your favourite takeaway? Andy, the laid-back foodie and chef, reveals, “I’ve been known to enjoy a takeaway tub of ice cream on the couch post-work while watching footy.” Favourite place to go out to eat? His top-rated eatery isn’t a Michelin-starred restaurant but a cosy Italian place called Capitano in Carlton, Melbourne. “[It’s] my go-to comfort restaurant to have a great meal. The pizzas and the general vibe of the place just keeps me coming back,” says the 36-year-old. Tell us about the worst meal you ever made... Cooking up a not-so-appetising round of lambs’ testicl*s (yep, you read that right!), has to be the most unexpected answer! The foodie told Woman’s Day, “In Spain while making my TV show Eat The World, Ben Milbourne and I…4 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024The Day Jackie Walked Out On JfkJanet couldn’t stand to hear Jackie blame herself. None of this was her fault, but it was obvious why Jackie was so distraught : Her in-laws Rose and Joe Kennedy were already making snide remarks about Jackie’s smoking having caused her recent stillbirth. If her marriage to JFK ended, the Kennedys, too, would blame Jackie. The press would blame Jackie. Society on the whole laid the success or failure of any family – but especially one with this much lustre – on the woman; it was Jackie’s performance as a wife (dutiful, domestic, sexual) and a mother (if she could even successfully give her husband children) that would determine the success of their marriage. Not Jack. Janet told Jackie to get a divorce while she was still young and beautiful…4 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Ask MitchellKEEP IN TOUCH WITH MITCHELL ONLINE! Visit mitchell Q My husband of 30 years and I have drifted apart – he doesn’t express his concerns, but I do feel his anger in regard to misunderstandings over the past 10 years. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Sad and lost MITCHELL SAYS I have a lovely lady in Spirit from your mother’s side talking to me. She tells me that deep down you already know in your heart the answer to your question – but only you can decide whether to stay or part ways. You are a very caring and sensitive soul. I’m told that you have given as much as you possibly can to your marriage, but it feels like an old shoe that’s comfortable…2 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024MastheadWoman's Day EDITORIAL Editorial Director Erin Holohan Deputy Editor Laura Evans Art Director Jenna Kelley Picture Editor Gillian Taylor Lifestyle Director Claire Isaac Digital Managing Editor Elizabeth Barry ARE MEDIA Chief Executive Officer Jane Huxley Director of Sales Andrew Cook Director of Content Sally Eagle General Manager Entertainment Susan Armstrong Commercial Brand Manager Jessica Ashworth Head of Consumer Marketing Louise Cankett Subscription enquiries Customer Service 136 116 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST) International +61 2 9692 3535 Email Website Advertising enquiries Affiliate enquiries Published by Are Media Pty Limited (ABN 18 053 273 546), 54-58 Park Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. ©2024. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or part without prior written permission. Woman’s Day is a registered trade mark of…2 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024High BrowWho knew the secret to looking younger was all in our brows? Eyebrow guru Amy Jean shares her expertise on all things above the eye. What regular treatments do you recommend to keep brows healthy? As we age, our brow hairs tend to thin and diminish. In this case, a semi-permanent treatment like our Mist Brow Tattoo can be the perfect solution. This technique mimics the appearance of fuller brows from your younger years, lifting up the brows and eye area for a softer, more youthful look. What are your tips for maintaining healthy brows? 1 Nourish the hairs using products specifically formulated for brow health. Shop for products with nourishing key ingredients such as castor oil and keratin. 2 Leave time between treatments that use chemical processing such as…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Afternoon TreatsESPRESSO SWIRL CHEESECAKE SERVES 8-10 PREP 25 MINS + CHILLING • 250g chocolate biscuits • 100g butter, melted • ½ cup Nutella • 2 tbsp strong coffee • 250g cream cheese, chopped • 395g can sweetened condensed milk • ½ cup thickened cream • 2 tsp gelatine • ¼ cup boiling water • whipped cream, to serve 1 Place biscuits in a food processor and pulse until fine crumbs form. Transfer to a bowl. 2 Add butter to crumbs, mixing well. Press over base and side of 22cm springform pan. Chill 20 mins. 3 In a jug, combine Nutella and hot coffee, whisking until smooth. Set aside. 4 In a large bowl, beat cream cheese, condensed milk and cream together, 4-5 mins, until mixture is thick and smooth. 5 In…3 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 20245 Minutes With ... Sandie DockerThe Australian author beloved for her comforting, emotional reads is back with her sixth release, The Lyrebird Lake Ladies Choir. In it, Sandie tells the story of single mum Hannah, who is homeless after being widowed, and sisters Eleanor and Maggie, whose home by the lake is a refuge for the lost and lonely. Here, Sandie, 50, reveals to us how she’s learned to tug on readers’ heartstrings and who she’d choose for her dream leading ladies... Subscribers got a sneak peek of this story before it hit newsstands. To subscribe, visit What led you to write this particular book? The first nugget was when I read an article about the fastest growing demographic of homeless people in Australia being women over 50. I wanted to explore the how…4 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024‘I Was Shocked This Year!’TV favourite Mark Wilson is a little bit bleary-eyed, and barely out of bed, when Woman’s Day gives him a call to chat about the brand new season of Dancing With The Stars. But there’s a cute reason for his slow start. “I’ve got a beautiful little grandson and he had his very first sleepover with Granny [Mark’s wife Annemarie] and Grandad last night. Bennett is only 13 months and he’s the lightest sleeper you’ve ever met,” says the Brisbane-based star, who is also grandad to two-year-old Elliot. “I’d pat him on the back and sing him a song and then he’d go back to sleep – so we did our grandparent job.” Of course, the 61-yearold’s other, more high-profile job is judging the celebrity dancers on the reality competition…3 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Secret Wimbledon Comeback!She just can’t stay away. Two years after announcing she was putting down her racket right at the peak of her career, Ash Barty has surprised – and delighted – fans by announcing her big return to the sport. The 28-year-old star will take to the court again on July 9 for an invitational doubles match at Wimbledon. And while it might only be a one-off for now, insiders suggest once Ash gets a taste for being back out there again she’s sure to want to win more comps, and this could be just the teaser for the three-time grand slam winner to make one of the most extraordinary comebacks in tennis history. LONDON, HERE WE COME! A source says this was always at the back of Ash’s mind, even…3 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024‘Pay Up Or We Might Walk’Nine’s Travel Guides has never been hotter – topping the ratings week after week – and it’s just been nominated for Best Lifestyle Program at this year’s TV WEEK Logie Awards. But the show’s overwhelming success is quietly the cause of a major headache for the TV network behind the scenes. While bigwigs are delighted that the popular travel series is thrashing its TV rivals, its surge in popularity has some of the lovable cast members wanting more in return – such as bigger pay cheques! A PIECE OF THE PIE Since launching in 2017, the series has made household names out of everyday Aussie travel critics like Kevin and Janetta, the Fren family and Doris, Kev and Teng, but TV insiders reveal that some of the cast are desperately…2 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Tracy’s Big Comeback!After a “gap year” away from TV, former A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw has returned to screens with a bang – and her new series Do You Want To Live Forever? is a winner with viewers. “Some of my friends were surprised as they thought that I might do an interview-based show. But I like the freedom of doing something brand new,” explains the 64-yearold, who has revealed that she spent her time off screen – after 17 years in the ACA chair – renovating her Sydney home, spending time with her beloved animals and going overseas with friends. “I taught myself that I’m not wedded to [work]. I have a big life outside work and I proved that to myself last year.” But the star hints that this…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Tom Chooses Taylor Over Suri!While his daughter Suri marked two major milestones in her young life, Tom Cruise was over in London, living it up in the VIP tent at Taylor Swift’s Eras concert at Wembley. The actor, 61, has been mostly estranged from Suri since she was a young girl, so it was no huge surprise that he missed her high school graduation. And, according to an insider, Suri has grown accustomed to attending such events with just mum Katie by her side. “Suri couldn’t care less that her dad was at a concert during her graduation,” the source says. “It was just another reminder that he’s ‘not available’.”…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Cameras Roll On Robert’s Reality Show!Robert Irwin has called his Gold Logie nomination “a dream come true”, but he’s also been working on another dream side project – his own reality show! The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! presenter, 20, teased his followers on Instagram by posting video of a film crew shooting in his bedroom. “Do you ever get that strange feeling when you wake up that you’re being watched?” he asked. While the finer details are yet to be revealed, there’s speculation the show could be reminiscent of Robert’s late dad Steve’s iconic reality show work. “It’s heading into his wheelhouse… it’s reflected back on what Steve had done, and then handing over the baton to Robert, Bindi and the kids,” Ten programming boss Dan Monaghan says. While Robert’s TV…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024J.lo... All She Cares About Are Selfies!Get the shot, J.Lo? She cancelled her tour to be with family and friends and work on her marriage to Ben Affleck, but last week, all Jennifer Lopez seemed to want to do is escape in sunny Italy! Looking sensational in a white one-piece swimsuit, the singer, 54, posed up a storm as she took selfies and pictures of her famous derriere on board a boat during a solo holiday in Positano. With rumours circling that her marriage may be on the rocks, an insider says, “Jen is taking a break. She’s told friends she’s having her own Eat Pray Love moment.” Indeed, J.Lo seemed content being on her own leisurely agenda, and even stopped to eat at Lo Scoglio – the restaurant where she and Ben, 51, were spotted…1 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024From Holiday To HeartacheIt’s nicknamed the City of Love but Paris looked anything but for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who were caught in a tense exchange outside the Ritz hotel, while holidaying with Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw. As the sun shone down, hotel staff say Rita was seen throwing her hands up as she strode furiously past her movie star husband, 67, who looked uncharacteristically stressed. NIGHTMARE BREAK And while the strained exchange could simply have been a case of butting heads over where to sightsee next, friends of the couple, who have been married for 36 years, aren’t surprised by this latest display. ‘More and more they can’t communicate without a blowout’ According to a family friend, the pair are increasingly locking horns over Tom choosing his career…3 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024What’s Next for Julian Assange?After 14 years away from his home country in detention, five of those in a maximum security prison, Julian Assange is enjoying his first week of freedom back in Australia. Last week, in emotional scenes, Julian walked across the tarmac at Canberra airport to embrace his wife of two years, Stella, and then hug his father, John Shipton, who had both travelled to Canberra to await his arrival. In a press conference soon after, Stella, 40, appeared without her husband but alongside his legal team, Jennifer Robinson and Barry Pollack. She thanked supporters and asked that her family be given privacy. “Julian needs time to recover. To get used to freedom,” she said. “Someone told me yesterday who had been through something Wsimilar, that freedom comes slowly. And I want…3 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024HoroscopesCancer JUN 22 – JUL 23 Your enthusiasm looks contagious this month. With Mars providing a helping hand, a big heartfelt project should power along. Adding to the action, your chart’s social sector is vibrating with energy, so stop being responsible and enjoy a few fun treats. STAR TIP Some flattering new clothes or cosmetics might prove to be money well spent. PAMELA ANDERSON Turning 57 on July 1, the actress and activist looks the happiest she’s been! Leo JUL 24 – AUG 23 An offer or opportunity might get you all excited, but even turbo-charged Leos need some downtime. Don’t squeeze too much in, especially over the weekend. Indulge that nostalgic streak over the coming fortnight, and revisit some favourite movies, recipes or games. STAR TIP Someone may be…4 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024How To Keep Food FreshGiven how expensive fresh food can be, the last thing that anyone wants to do is waste it. Unfortunately, this is exactly what many of us end up doing. “With over one-third of Australia’s food waste being generated in the home, there’s room for us to improve how we store and protect our fresh produce, allowing them to last longer,” says Simone Austin, dietician and chief health officer at Healthylife. Simone reveals how to keep fruit and vegies fresh and prolong their life until you’re ready to enjoy them! SAVVY STORAGE SOLUTIONS LETTUCE LEAVES Pop a paper towel or a clean tea towel in a flat, airtight container, being sure to spread the leaves out. Keep this in the fridge. STONE FRUIT Once the fruit is ripe or nearly ripe,…4 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024School Holiday HacksA DAY OF ADVENTURE Head out for a hike (and maybe a picnic too) at a national park you haven’t visited for a while. Before you go, download the Birda app, which makes identifying and logging birds easy, as well as the Australian Tree ID app to help identify species of trees, conifers and palms. Make it a game of who can spot the most varieties. National park websites have lists of walking trails and their grading to help you choose your route. HOST A DINNER PARTY Who says grocery shopping has to be boring? Put the kids in charge at the supermarket or farmers’ market by getting them to plan a dinner party for the family. First, get them to choose the cuisine, then draw up an ingredients list,…2 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 2024Arrive In StyleWe’ve all seen those frequent flyers who roll off a long-haul flight with a spring in their step while you look like a straggler at a music festival! Try these tips for keeping yourself well in the air… STAY HYDRATED Cabin air is notoriously dry, and drinking alcohol and drinks containing caffeine will dehydrate you even further. Savvy travellers stick to juice and water. Your skin isn’t immune either – use moisturiser and saline eye drops if you’re prone to dry eyes. SCOPE OUT YOUR JOURNEY Do some research into the airports that you’re arriving at and departing from – and the aircraft you’ll be flying on. Use the SeatGuru (, Flio ( and LoungeBuddy ( apps to scope out flights and seats, as well as airport layouts and lounges.…3 min
Woman's Day|Issue 26, 20243 Ways With... Slow-Cooked LambFRENCH ONION LAMB SHANK CASSEROLE $4 .95 PER SERVE SERVES 4 PREP 15 MINS COOK 8 HOURS • 2 tbsp olive oil • 4 frenched lamb shanks • 2 medium parsnips, peeled, chopped • 1 bunch Dutch carrots, trimmed, peeled • 1 bunch long green onions, trimmed, cut into 4cm lengths • 40g pkt French onion simmer soup mix • 2 tbsp cornflour • 2 cups water • 1 cup red wine • ¼ cup tomato paste • 1 tbsp brown sugar • mashed potato, steamed beans, thyme sprigs, to serve 1 Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium to high heat. Cook lamb, turning, until well browned all over. Place in a 5 to 6-litre (20 to24-cup) slow cooker with parsnip and carrots. 2 Reduce heat to…2 min
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