Grace Fulton biography: age, height, net worth, movies and TV shows (2024)

Grace Fulton is an American actress and dancer. She is best known for her role as Carol in the hit movie Annabelle: Creation. She has also featured in Ghost Whisperer, where she plays the role of a young Melinda Gordon, and in The Mystery of Natalie Wood, as young Natalie Wood. She has also starred in DC Extended Universe film Shazam! where she plays Mary Bromfield.

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At the age of four, Grace Fulton had already bagged her first role on a TV show. She comes from an acting family as her older brother is also an actor.

Here is everything you need to know about Grace Fulton life, including details about her age, career, height, movies and TV shows and more:

Profile summary

  • Full Name: Grace Caroline Fulton
  • Birthdate: July 17, 1996
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Nationality: American
  • Home town: New York City
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Black
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
  • Weight: 50 kilograms
  • Body measurements: 33-26-34 inches
  • Profession: Actress, dancer

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Grace Fulton biography

The star was born on July 17, 1996, and is the daughter of Damian and Alisa Fulton. As of 2021, Grace Fulton age is 24. Her zodiac sign is cancer. She holds an American nationality.

She hails from a family of actors. She is the niece of popular American actress Joan Shawlee, best known for her role as Sweet Sue in the 1959 hit movie Some Like It Hot. She featured alongside other popular actors such as Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Lemmon.

Her brother, Soren Albert Fulton, is also an actor. He has featured in films such as A Ring of Endless Light, Saving Sarah Cain, and Thunderbirds. Soren has 32 credits on his IMDB page.

Childhood and education

Growing up, the star's dream was to become a ballerina. As a result, she had a strong urge to pursue dancing. She attended the Royal Ballet School, which is based in Landon, to undertake her ballerina classes.

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In 2011, she graduated from the same school and in addition to her acting, she doubles up as a professional ballerina.


Grace got into the acting world early on in her career. At the age of four, she had already bagged her first role. She was a charming little girl and was famous because of her beauty. Her first role was on a small screen TV show titled That’s Life.

The show follows a young Italian-American woman Lydia DeLucca, a bartender who wants more out of her life than just marriage and kids. Grace plays the role of 4-Year-Old Lydia.

Grace Fulton biography: age, height, net worth, movies and TV shows (4)

She was later cast in the mini TV series The Mystery of Natalie Wood, where she played a young Natalie Wood role in 2004. Just like her first role, she plays the younger version of the main charter Natalie Wood (Justine Waddell)

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From a young age, she has interacted with different Hollywood actors such as Madeleine Stowe, Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann and more. This, from a young age, did affirm in her that she belonged in the acting world.

Grace Fulton movies and TV shows

The beautiful actress has 18 credits to her name, according to her IMBD page.


  • Back When We Were Grownups (2004) - Young Biddy
  • Badland (2007) - Celina Rice
  • Our First Christmas (2008) - Lily
  • Journey to Abaddon (2014) - Willow
  • Painted Horses (2017) - Paige
  • Annabelle: Creation (2017) - Carol
  • Shazam! (2019) - Mary Bromfield
  • Vampire Dad (2020) - Susie
  • Most Guys are Losers (post-production) - Sandy

TV shows

  • That's Life (2001) - 4-Year-Old Lydia
  • JAG (2001) - Katelyn Maat
  • Home of the Brave (2002) - Sydney Briggs
  • The Mystery of Natalie Wood (2004) - Young Natalie Wood
  • Bones (2006) - Haley Farrel
  • Ghost Whisperer (2007) - Young Melinda
  • Revenge (2012) - Victoria Harper / Young Victoria

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How much is she worth?

Grace Fulton net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be 0.05 million Dollars. Her primary source of income is from her acting career. Her best-paid movies to date are Shazam!, Annabelle: Creation and Most Guys Are Losers. Despite her young age, she is doing well for herself.

Who is she dating?

A scroll through her Instagram, you will be treated to her beautiful pictures as well as images of a mysterious guy. One can tell that the two are involved in a romantic relationship. The mystery man name is Brandan Currey. There is, however, not much information about Brandan and their relationship in terms of when the two officially started dating.

What are Grace Fulton measurements?

Grace Fulton hot body measures 32-26-34 inches. She has an average built and weighs in at 50 kilograms. Grace Fulton height is 5 feet 7 inches.

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Grace Fulton has had a successful career thanks to her hard work. She is an inspiration to many.

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Grace Fulton biography: age, height, net worth, movies and TV shows (2024)
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