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Bubble Shooter

This is the original bubble shooter game, you can play it on any browser. On PC, mobile and mac! This is the most played bubble shooter game that exists. You can play this game for free on our website.

Clear all the bubbles as fast as possible and make combinations to score more points in this all time classic.

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The goal in this game is to clear the whole playing field while scoring as many points as possible. The field is filled with colorful bubbles.Bubble Shooter - Play for free - Online Games (2)You can shoot the bubble at the bottom into the other bubbles. If you make combinations of 3 or more bubbles of the same color they will disappear. You can score much more points by removing multiple bubbles at a time. Let a large group of bubbles hang and remove the upper bubbles. Each bubble that is only attached to the bubbles you remove will also be removed, this will give you a big multiplier in points!

New line

Bubble Shooter - Play for free - Online Games (3)In the bottom left of the screen you see how many balls you can "miss" before a new line starts from the top, bringing all the balls a line down. The game counts a miss if you don't remove any bubbles with your move. A grey bubble will disappear and when you miss 6 balls a new line will be added from the top. You must be aware of this, sometimes you are playing in the bottom of the field. When you miss too much bubbles you can be game over without you seeing it coming.

Colors and other settings

Bubble Shooter - Play for free - Online Games (4)In the bubble shooter settings you can change the board color. This is the background of the game. You can move the red, green and blue sliders to make every possible color combination that you like.

Hint: If you move all sliders to the left the background will be dark, this is great if you play at night. If you move all sliders to the right the background is white, giving you the most contrast possible. Our tip is to play with the colors to find one you like.
You can also change the sound volume with a slider.

There is also a button to restart the game, this will create a new random field of bubbles. With the top 10 button you can see the top 10 scores that are stored locally.

History of Bubble shooter

The game bubble shooter is first released by Taito, it was called puzzle bobble. In 2002 the game maker Absolutist made a flash remake for the web. The game was growing in popularity at that time. Several other game studios made their own versions of the game. At bubbleshooter.net we have all the best versions playable on our website.

All ages

This game is suitable to play for all ages, we have players from all age ranges and genders. We welcome players from all over the world.

World Record

You can acquire quite a few points in bubble shooter. That's why we want to start little competition. Who can score the most points in one game? You must play this original version on our website. Post your score in the comments, with a screenshot or link to the video of you playing the game. Place a link back to our website and you can be featured on this page. Let's find out the world record.


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The main playing field of bubble shooter. Here you see the shooter, the colorful bubbles and the miss counter.
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Screenshot of the unofficial highscore. There is no way to tell if this score is acquired without cheating. But this is the highest score we could find. Post yours!

How to play:

Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them pop. Remove all bubbles from the field to win. A new line will spawn if you miss a few bubbles.


Mouse: aim by moving your mouse, click to shoot bubble.
Mobile: Tap to shoot bubble, swipe to aim.

Release Date:

New version July 2021

About the Creator:

Bubble Shooter is created by Bubble Shooter. Bubble shooter is a small game studio that develops bubble shooter games. They have also created the following games:

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This is the original bubble shooter game, free to play in your browser. First launched in 2002 but remade in 2019. You can play this game on all devices, PC, Mobile and mac.
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Bubble Shooter - Play for free - Online Games (2024)
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