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Bubble Shooter Classic - Play for free - Online Games (1)This is bubble shooter classic, the classic version of Bubble Shooter. Do you like the original classic version?
Then this is the game for you. Remember the times 10 years ago when you played bubble shooter on your pc? With the classic bubbles, controls and gameplay? We do too! With this re-created game from the past you are able to play like the good old times.

We like this game so much we put it in our featured section of this website. And did you know you can play this version on all devices? It doesn't matter if you play on mobile, tablet, pc or mac. The game works on every device.
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This is bubble shooter classic, the classic game as it is released.

Classic Bubble

Bubble Shooter Classic - Play for free - Online Games (3)Just look at these classic bubbles. They are in the original colors of red, purple, blue, light blue, green and yellow. This combined with the light blue background makes this version of the game unique. The bubbles are simple but beautiful with a nice animation when they are popped. This simplicity is what makes this game great. Just the basic gameplay with an endless row of new bubbles. That is unless you can finish the game by popping them all. The game s fairly difficult, you must play some combos to get to the final stages.


There are a few different ways you can play this game. The most simple one is to pop bubbles in rows of 3. This can get you to some point but you may get stuck later in the game. The ball counter removes one bubble for every missed shot. A missed shot is a shot where you don't pop any bubbles. Bubble Shooter Classic - Play for free - Online Games (4)You have 6 bubbles in your missed bubble counter. If you shoot 6 bubbles without making any combinations anew row of bubbles will spawn on top of the row. Forcing your bubbles to go a row lower.
The ball counter will then be available with 1 less bubble. Now you can only miss 5 shots! This will go on until the missed bubble counter has only 1 bubble you can miss. So you get more rows added more quickly f you keep missing bubbles. This makes the game very difficult. The new rows added on top will force the bubbles down and if the bubbles touch your bubble shooter the game is over.
The key is to keep shooting rows of bubbles. But if you can't make a combination it is wise to shoot your bubble in such way that you can the next shot. This is how the original bubble shooter is played.


The more advanced gameplay is to make combinations of 3 or more bubbles. This can be done in a few ways. The easiest combination is to pop multiple bubbles of the same color. Sometimes they are arranged like that from the beginning and sometimes you can shoot the bubbles or pop te bubbles in such way that you can make large combinations. If you shoot more then 3 bubbles at once you get way more points and you spare bubbles. Here is an example:
Bubble Shooter Classic - Play for free - Online Games (5)
In this example the shooter is aimed at the light blue bubbles. They are connected and there a 5 total bubbles. When shooting these bubbles you get 60 points for 1 shot. (10 per bubble and the bubble you shoot at it). This way you remove 5 bubbles from the field with 1 shot. This is pretty efficient.

Hanging Bubbles

An other great way to score points and make efficient shots is to shoot rows of hanging bubbles. You also can "park" bubbles you can't find a good spot for under this hanging bubbles. Make sure that the top row is made out of 2 bubbles of the same color and you can reach them easily. The row hanging under these bubbles will pop when you shoot the top 2 or more bubbles. This gives you a great way to get rid of different colored bubbles that would require a lot of shots and new rows from the missed shots otherwise.
Bubble Shooter Classic - Play for free - Online Games (6)
In this example you see the shooter aimed at the green bubbles. They are the top of a hanging row of bubbles. When you shoot the green bubbles the whole row will pop, 6 bubbles in total. If you want to remove this bubbles color for color you will have a hard time. With missed shots there would be a new row soon. Which will touch your shooter ending the game.
But if you shoot the green bubbles you will score 60 points and remove all the bubbles hanging below it. This is an easy way to get rid of large amounts of bubbles.

Finishing the game

To finish bubble shooter classic there is one other strategy to play: Remove color by color. The way this works is at follow. If you don't have many bubbles left, lets say 4 rows. The game gets more difficult because the bubble colors are scattered and you can't make a combination each shot. This will add up to your missed bubble counter and spawns many new rows of bubbles. This can make your hard earned progress disappear in no time. The key in late game is to remove color by color. Watch the field for colors that are in low numbers or are easy to reach. Now go and try to remove those bubbles first. Keep in mind that you don't want too much missed shots so shoot some combinations of other colors if there is no other option. If you remove all bubbles of a color they will not spawn if you missed too much shots. Once you removed 1 color go for the next easiest one. This will make the game more easy when you progress. Did you remove a few colors and get a of of new rows after that? No problem, the new bubbles will be limited to a few colors now. Making it easier to shoot combinations right away. There will be large amounts of big combinations when there are less colors.

About the Creator:

Bubble Shooter Classic is created by Gameboss. GameBoss.com is a casual video game company that primarily develops HTML5 games. They founded in 2016 and released some great titles. They have also created the following games:

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This is bubble shooter classic. The original classic version as it is released more then 10 years ago. You can play this renewed version of the old game directly on our website. And with our tips and guide you can go for the top score and beat the game.
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Bubble Shooter Classic - Play for free - Online Games (2024)
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